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Phiten (

Phiten is a Japanese brand, internationally known for its unique Aqua Metal based ‘health-promoting’ products for healthier lifestyle. Phiten products are used extensively by athletes, general public for pain management, sports enhancement and injuries prevention. Currently, Phiten products are available in more than 28 countries worldwide with over 400 Phiten Retail outlets. Phiten Brand is also the proud sponsor of Badminton Association of Malaysia with top Athletes like Datuk Lee Chong Wei endorsing and constantly using the product for faster recovery and health.

Phiten has developed its unique “ONE and ONLY” technology, the “”Aqua Metal Technology””, through years of dedicated research. It can be processed into a wide variety of materials like AQUA TITAN and AQUA GOLD etc to give rise to products like necklaces, bracelets, tapes, supporters, and more. All Phiten products work to improve, prevent and enhance. Experience the benefits and learn how these products can assist you to reach and maintain optimum health and performance.
Everything we do, we do for your health.

RegettaCanoe (

RegettaCanoe, born in Osaka, Japan. It is the revolutionary shoe line designed by Yasuo Takamoto; redefining the traditional Japanese Geta into a new innovative ergonomic footwear. Shoes incorporates 8 Essential Comfort for feet. Posture is improved naturally by properly aligning the foot which promotes the proper stride. Every point of the foot touches the ground so it’s more stable than even being barefoot. This shoe provides the perfect fit and absolute comfort. A beautiful look for children and adults alike. Available in bold stylish colours; enjoy a reinterpreted shoe that is the perfect marriage between tradition and new world technology. Come & Experience the Unique 8-Comfort of Regettacanoe shoes at MyTown Shopping Mall (Lot L1-070).


Phiten: (03) 7621 2757
Regetta: (03) 7621 2758

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