Discover Your Primary Love Languages
Valentines Day
7 Feb 2024 to 29 Feb 2024

Curious about why some relationships face challenges and they simply don't work out? The concept of The Five Love Languages from Gary Chapman highlights various ways individuals give and receive love.

Understanding your partner's love language, as well as communicating your own, helps you both feel loved and appreciated. 

Act of Service
This love language focuses on performing thoughtful actions that improve the other person's life, adding convenience or joy. Tasks such as running errands, handling grocery shopping, or managing household chores are ways to express this love language.

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Quality Time
Quality time is defined by the way you choose to spend your time together, making each moment meaningful and memorable. In a mall setting, this could involve exploring shops hand in hand, sharing a meal at a cozy restaurant, or engaging in interactive experiences that create lasting memories. 

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The most misunderstood love language seems to be gifts, as it may be perceived as superficial or centered around material possessions. However, individuals who have this love language at the top of their chart may simply desire to receive or express love through thoughtful gestures. It's important to focus on the fact that your partner took the time to think of you and the sincere intentions behind the gifts.

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Words of Affirmation
Actions often speak louder than words, unless your partner's love language is words of affirmation. In this scenario, words hold immense significance. Whether written or spoken, an individual whose primary love language is words of affirmation places great importance on the things you express, as they seek to feel appreciated and cared for through the art of communication

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Physical Touch
Individuals whose love language revolves around physical touch appreciate it when their partners express affection through tangible gestures like hugs, kisses, or even a comforting hand on the shoulder. However, it's important to note that they can be easily hurt if their partners reject or display physical coldness towards them.

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The 5 Love Languages can also appear in single individuals, reflecting how a person expresses love based on their own preferences for receiving it.

It's common to find all five love languages in your chart, where the only difference lies in the varying levels. Make sure to take your test from the official website and explore all the stores mentioned above here!

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