Cash Voucher
20 Feb 2023 to 31 Dec 2024

Spend and collect point to redeem the Cash Voucher exclusively on MyTOWNKL App!

This Cash Voucher only valid at selected participating tenants.



  • A’Decade G-012F
  • Auntea Jenny  B1-043
  • Baby Cami Sushi L3-039 , L3-E-039
  • Bubblebee B1-080
  • Canton Boy G-012B
  • Chikyn B1-023
  • Cookie Doh by Cookie People B1-048
  • DubuYo Mini B1-023A
  • Dakchigo L3-037, L3-E-037
  • Daboba G-01
  • Goobne L3-043A 
  • Gula Petite by Gula Cakery G-K-012A , G-K-012B
  • Happy Lemon B1-050
  • Has#tag Sweets B1-043A & 045
  • Ikat Tepi x Egg90 B1-078
  • Ipoh Ais Kopi G-012C , G-012D [Non- Halal]
  • Madam Croffle B1-057
  • Mee Hiris B1-010
  • Midorie x The Owls Cafe G-048
  • Mighty Monster G-019 & G-E-019
  • Mr, Pan Mee  B1-041A
  • Molten Chocolate G-02
  • Paradise Dynasty G-042
  • Para Thai G-042A
  • Penang Chendul B1-040
  • Pickzza B1-053
  • Roojaking B1-081
  • Sushi Jiro B1-075
  • Sushi Zanmai G-021, G-021A
  • Tanghulu KR B1-K-011
  • The Daily Coffee Hous G-K-012C
  • Torii Tepanyaki B1-071
  • Ume Tei L1-012B
  • Urban Juicer L1-K-08
  • Wolf Gelato L1-K-03
  • ZUS Coffee, G-K-015 , G-K-016

Digital Lifestyle:

  • ALL IT L3-016

Home And Living:

  • Spotlight L2-022


  • Babor L2-05
  • J Nail Spa L2-055


  • Fana Couture L1-028
  • Good2U L1-013
  • Poney L2-039 & 040
  • Skechers L1-059
  • Tracey G-030


  • Focus Point L1-067

Hair Salon:

  • The Hair Tric & Lashility L2-071

Toys/ Hobbies/ Leisure/ Travel:

  • Bookxcess L1-012
  • The Pet Safari B1-016


  • VAR LIVE L2-015
  1. This e-cash voucher redemption is based on first come, first serve basis, or while stocks last.
  2. Each e-cash voucher only valid for 1 transaction only, combined vouchers is not acceptable.
  3. Each e-cash voucher is not to be used in conjunction with other promotions.
  4. Not exchangeable for cash or transferable to another member. Points will be deducted once the voucher is downloaded and points will not be refundable or exchangeable for other item (s) if redemption does not take place with 30 days upon issual.
  5. MyTOWNKL reserves the right to amend these terms without prior notice.

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