ECO & FUN 2024
Connecting People with Nature
19 Feb 2024 to 11 Mar 2024
Get ready, get steady ! 
Embrace the beauty of our planet and discover the power of sustainable living at our nature-inspired event.
Connect with like-minded individuals, learn from experts, and be inspired to make a difference.
Check it out for all the updates on all on-ground activations that will be happening from 24 Feb 2024 - 10 March 2024 !

1. Sustainable Exhibition & Talks

Conduct by Monash University, SWCorps, and industry professionals to promote environmental responsibility and inspire positive change through engaging and informative experiences.

Venue: Event space, Ground Floor (In front of ZARA)


2. Vintage Market

The market is a blend of nature & urban elements, including greenery, recycled & up-cycled materials, bright, bold & catchy displays that shoppers can interact with, including food, fashion, self-care, and more.

Venue: Event space, Ground Floor (In front of ZARA)


3. Sustainable DIY Workshop

Offers participants a hands-on experience in creating eco-friendly items that promote sustainability and reduce waste.

Venue: Event space, Ground Floor (In front of ZARA)

*Kindly refer to the T&Cs for participation details. 

a. Complimentary workshop:

  1. Seed Bomb: Participants learn how to make seed bombs using clay, soil, and native wildflower seeds. These seed bombs can be used to promote urban greening and support local biodiversity.

  2. Pencil Case: Using upcycled materials like used bottles, participants create unique and practical pencil cases. This activity highlights the importance of reusing materials to reduce the demand for new resources.

b. Other workshops:

  1. Isopod Terrarium: Participants learn about the importance of soil health and the role of isopods (sow bugs) in decomposition. They create small terrariums using recycled jars, soil, leaf litter, and isopods, demonstrating a miniature ecosystem.

  2. Silver Pendant: This activity introduces the concept of upcycling in jewelry making. Participants use recycled silver to create personalized pendants. This promotes the reuse of materials and reduces the environmental impact of mining new silver.

  3. Plastic Badge: Participants create badges using recycled plastic materials, such as bottle caps or plastic packaging. This activity raises awareness about plastic pollution and encourages creative ways to repurpose single-use plastics.


4. Pre-Loved Fashion Swap

A sustainable fashion initiative that encourages participants to exchange their gently used clothing items instead of buying new ones. The event aims to promote the concept of "reduce, reuse, recycle" in fashion by giving clothing a new life and reducing waste.

Participants bring their pre-loved items to the event and can swap them for items brought by others, providing a fun and eco-friendly way to refresh their wardrobe. 

Venue: MyGROUND, Ground Floor


5. Recycle, Reward, Repeat

You are encouraged to bring your recyclable items to Sustainability Corner for the MyTOWNKL points reward. These points can be redeemed for rewards such as deals, vouchers, redemption items, and more in the MyTOWNKL app.

Venue: Sustainability Corner, Basement 1

Together, let's take these small steps towards a greener future and make a big impact on our planet ! See you there !

Sustainable DIY Workshop

How it works

  • Step 1: Download MyTOWNKL App
  • Step 2: Search e-voucher on available tab and download based on your preferred date. The E-voucher will be saved automatically under “Saved” tab
  • Step 3: Present this E-voucher to redeem your session.

First come first served basis. T&C applied

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