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Crispy tidbits to bite on
16 Nov 2022 to 31 Dec 2022

 The upcoming exceptional event will definitely make every football fans excited! Snacks never taste better when indulging them with your buddies! So check out the list of shops where you can purchase delicious satisfying snack below:

1. My Virtual Foodhall

Onion rings has always been a game night snack and My Virtual Foodhall serves the best one! Do you also know this restaurant is an all-rounder restaurant? They serve Asian and Western cuisine where one dish is never enough! Located at L1-019. 

WC2 Virtual Foodhall 2  WC2 Virtual Foodhall 

2. Goobne

Goobne is the best place if you’re craving for scrumptious chicken wings! While you’re exploring their menu, be sure to try their best sold dish; UFO Cheese Platter where you can share with your buddies or loved ones! Located at L3-043A.

WC2 Goobne  WC2 Goobne2 

3. myBurgerLab

Nachos is a type of snack that is definitely a game changer. This crispy goodness is delicious regardless how you eat it, dry or with sauce. myBurgerLab serve the best nachos that you can enjoy with your best buddies! Be sure to grab their mushroom fries to top your meal up as well! Located at G-020.

WC2 myburgerlab   WC2 myburgerlab 2 

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