Hayya Hayya 🎉
Healthy and Fulfilling Wrap
16 Nov 2022 to 31 Dec 2022

If you'd prefer to have your eyes glue on the screen to focus on the football matches, why not have a wrap in your hand to eat at the same time? Check out below shops for you to buy delicious wraps:


1. Kyros Kebab

Are you a fan of wraps? Do you want to take your wrap menu to another level? Well, Kyros Kebab is here to fulfill you! Beside meat preference, you can choose which type of bread you want for your wrap, Lebanese or Tortilla bread. The crispier the bread, the better! Located at B1-06A. 


2. Hadramot Village

For a more authentic Arabic type of cuisine, bring yourself here to grab their tasty kebab and shawarma! Other than these 2 delicious wraps, they also serve the best Mandy chicken and lamb. Located at L1-021A. 

 WC2 Hadramot 

3. Chicken Dynamite

Oh don’t be scared by their name, because their interpretation could be you will be bombed with so many chicken dishes that you can’t help but order it all! Besides chicken, you can find several flavours of shawarma here for your exciting game night! Located at B1-023. 

WC2 Chicken dynamite

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