IDEAL places for Iftar🌙
Check out our picks for fast breaking!
11 Apr 2022 to 15 May 2022
Ramadan Mubarak! As we venture into the holy month of Ramadan, it's time to plot in your long planned iftar dinners into the calendar. Browse through our selected picks of flavourful feasts and we look forward to you spending quality time with family and friends as you berbuka with us at MyTOWNKL.


IKEA brings the Swedish flavours to you this Ramadan! Transport your tastebuds to Sweden by having your iftar at IKEA. There is no flying needed.😉 Just make your way to our IKEA outlet located at G & LG. Click here for an extra överraskning!  Hari Raya 2022_Happening-02  

2. Mighty Monster

Having Iftar under fancy lighting will always be classy and can never go out of style. Treat yourself and your family to an affordable fine dining experience at our Mighty Monster outlet located at G-019 & G-E-019. View here for a suprise!


3. Absolute Thai

When you're handed limes this Ramadan season, hand them to us so we can make you some Pad Thai!🍋 An authentic Thai meal for berbuka awaits you at our Absolute Thai outlet located at L1-022. Check for a เซอร์ไพรส์ here!


4. Kyochon 1991

If some Korean flavours is what you crave for iftar, Kyochon 1991 is the place to be! A place where you're served chicken like you've never had before, you're promised a good time. Visit our Kyochon 1991 outlet located at G-03.

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5. ParaThai

When asked "What would you like for dinner?", "Not Thai food..." said no one ever. Experience the intense spices and fragrance of fresh herbs laced and lavished in each dish at ParaThai for iftar this Ramadan. Make your way to our ParaThai outlet located at G-042A & G-E-042A.


6. Street Churros

How about some Spanish delicacies for dessert after your iftar meal? You know what they say, you shouldn't bite off more than you can chew...unless it's Churros! Get yourself some fried goodness from our Street Churros outlet located at B1-046. Click here for a sorpresa!


7. Boost Juice

Boost up your energy level after a long day of fasting with freshly squeezed juice from Boost Juice.🍎 Best part? It's 100% fruit and 0% anything else. What better way to keep in shape for your Raya photos! Get your fresh cup at our Boots Juice outlet located at B1-058. Click here for a suprise!


8. J.Co Donuts & Coffee

Craving something sweet for iftar?🍩 We've got you covered. Tame your sweet tooth with donuts from J.Co Donuts & Coffee where they give you everything you could ever want in a donut. Get your donuts the J.Co way from J.Co Donuts & Coffee located at G-049. Click here for an extra suprise!


9. Zus Coffee

Traditional Malaysian flavours in a coffee? What better way to refresh yourself after a long day of fasting. Head over to our Zus Coffee outlet located at G-K-015 & G-K-016 for caffeine boost, the Malaysian way!

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