Iftar On A Budget!🌙
Berbuka with only with RM20 and under.
13 Apr 2022 to 15 May 2022
Ramadan Mubarak! Don't want to puncture a hole in your wallet? We've got you covered! Here's a list of places you can have iftar on a budget right here at MyTOWNKL.

1. Bungkus Kaw Kaw

Get your Malaysian favourites from Bugkus Kaw Kaw located at B1-056.


2. Nyonya Colors

Indulge in some classic Nyonya flavours at our Nyonya Colors outlet located at B1-042 & B1-051.


3. Gajah Mada

Sink your teeth in some Indonesian delicacies at Gajah Mada located at G-021 & G-E-021.


4. Hadramot Village

Get transportted to Arab with authentic mouth-watering Arabic flavours when you dine at MyTOWNKL's Hadramot Village outlet located at L1-021A 


5. D'Laksa

Enjoy the creaminess of coconut milk, sourness from tamarind or limes, sweetness from palm sugar with salty fish sauce when you get yourself a bowl of Laksa from our D'Laksa outlet located at B1-052.


6. The Canai Guys

A burst of Malaysian flavours in your meal at The Canai guys outlet located at B1-027.



8. 15 May

if you're craving picnic food for dinner, make your way to our 15 May outlet located at L1-043A.


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