Take a leap into adventures
Leap Into An Unforgettable Moment
16 Feb 2024 to 29 Feb 2024

Embarking on thrilling adventures is akin to leaping into a world where the heartbeat quickens with excitement. Whether it's conquering a mountain peak, diving into the depths of the ocean, or soaring through the skies, the rush of adrenaline and the sense of accomplishment make these moments eternally unforgettable. Each adventure is a page in the book of life, waiting to be written with daring leaps into the unknown. Psst, if your birthday falls on 29 February, you would never want to miss out these incredible rewards, curated especially just for you. Click to view more. 

Discover Eiger, located at L1-059 & L1-060 a brand that echoes the very spirit of these daring escapades—a commitment to resilience, exploration, and an unwavering passion for the untamed. More than a brand, Eiger is a companion, standing tall with you in every stride as you navigate the landscapes of the extraordinary.


With Eiger by your side, each adventure transforms into a canvas where the brand's dedication to durability, functionality, and the relentless pursuit of excellence comes to life. Just as you conquer peaks and dive into the depths, Eiger gear becomes an extension of your determination—an ally ensuring you face the unknown with confidence.

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