Let's Dine In Eco-Friendly, Economical, and Fun Style!
Eco & Fun Month
22 Feb 2024 to 10 Mar 2024

You don't have to be an extreme environmentalist to show that you care about the environment. A little step is still count as an effort, and there are many ways to show it! One of it would be during your daily consumption practice.

Instead of takeaway or tapao-ing your food, and waste their food container, why not just sit your bottom down and enjoy the food there? Food is more delicious when it's eaten warm and you can also view other healthy options in their menu if you are in the middle of dieting!

Here are our Top 5 Restaurants for you to ultimately enjoy the food, to the brim! 


1. My Virtual Foodhall, L1-019

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The only unusual restaurant you can try because they have VARIETY and I mean really VARIETY of world wide menu here!


2. My Mom's Chicken Rice,  L2-025

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Linda Onn OWNed this, and her recipes or should we say, her mom's recipes are no joke. The tasty delicacies behind the chicken rice menu is so good, and you will come again craving for more! View their menu here.


3. BeRempahh!, B1-027

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Even if you are Malaysian, you can never feel tired with local food. Hey, we are born with a local tounge, baby. And if you want to experience the perfect taste of local delicacies, you can order one here. Check out their Facebook and be teased with the pictures! 🤤


4. A'Decade, G-012F

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Another local food you don't want to miss! Their typical tagline is "Enjoy our gastronomical flavour" and by all means, they meant enjoy every single thing on their menu because it's hard to choose 1 meal when everything is so good! View their Facebook here


5. Mee Tarik Warisan Asli, L3-043

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Any Chinese cuisine lovers here? Sometimes it's hard to find the Halal one, but, great news! This restaurant is definitely halal. Be obsessed with their diverse of meal selections, here


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