LOKAL Taste Of Malaysia
Your Go-To Indian Food!
11 Aug 2023 to 30 Sep 2023

Get ready to spice up your life with a Bollywood-inspired feast! Our Indian food extravaganza will take your taste buds on a delightful dance. You can never go wrong with a savoury plate of Nasi Briyani, eat rice traditionally on a banana leaf and pocket meats AKA, kebab! Check out which stores you can enjoy these food below:


1. Hadramot Village

Hello Southeast Asia! If your taste buds are yearning for the aromatic allure of Nasi Briyani, the savory delight of Shawarma, the delectable crunch of Sambosah, and the mouthwatering goodness of Falafel, whisk yourself to L1-021A.

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2. Bananabro

Experience the heartwarming tradition of enjoying rice the way it was meant to be – on a banana leaf! Along with side dishes like Ayam 65,crispy Fried Squid and the aromatic Kari Daging that will make your taste buds dance in excitement. Located at B1-072.

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3. Kyros Kebab

If you're on the hunt for the ultimate Kebab and Shawarma experience, look no further. With only the finest ingredients, Kyros Kebab will ensure every bite is a burst of flavor that you won't forget. From the tender meat to the carefully curated sauces, each detail comes together like a champ. Located at B1-06A.

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*Lamb Wrap in Lebanese Bread

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