[NEW LAUNCH] Taukeh Ipoh & Taukeh Tso Burger
22 Jan 2024 to 29 Feb 2024
It’s official! Some of you might have guessed, and you’d be right! Special for this CNY Season, myBurgerlab went and made a TAUGEH infused General Tso Chicken Burger! 🍔🌱🫘
Introducing the Taukeh Ipoh Burger! Using the finest and freshest Taugeh from Ipoh, stir-fried to perfection with Cabbage!
For the taugeh lovers or more adventurous palates, we present “Taukeh Ipoh.” Drawing inspiration from my recent trip to Japan, this variant replaces the usual lettuce or greens in a burger with a teppanyaki-style grilled cabbage and Taugeh Ipoh, introducing an exciting crunch and a burst of wok hei never tasted before in burgers. We cooked it with our Chili paste to give it more ‘kick’.
“Taukeh Ipoh Burger” is a unique local burger experience that promises to intrigue and delight.

“Taukeh Tso” is a delightful fusion of our signature fried chicken coated in homemade General Tso sauce with a hint of sesame flavor, sauce inspired by Made With Lau’s recipe. This burger combines fresh lettuce, sesame seeds, our bright Tangy Mayo, and a sweet pineapple topping, making it a burger that’s sure to win hearts of those who prefer to ‘kiap’ their Taugeh out from their CKT.
These two burgers will be available at myBurgerLab, located at G-020 & G-E-020 starting on 22 Jan 2024 until the end of February!

Available in limited amounts at all Labs for dine-in/takeaway only.

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