New Store Opening
Scrumptious food and drink stores you don't want to miss!
30 Dec 2022 to 28 Feb 2023

Something excited are here in MyTOWNKL. You bet! More stores opening that all foodie would LOVE! Check out the stores below:


1. Serai Cafe

A perfect place to dine in with your family and buddies to enjoy the food, the environment, and bonus; the tea 😉 Located at G-038.

2. Atlaz Coffee

Hype your day up with tasty beverages (coffee to be exact) from this newly opened coffee shop, located at B1-089.

3. Da Mang Ren

Delish and sweet mango smoothies, from Korea! Located at B1-041A.

4. Curiookids

A children education centre with exciting perks and activities. Located at L2-047.

5. Aranorissa

Comfortable contemporary apparel that all ladies would be amazed of! Located at L1-030.

6. 90's Snacky

You'll be touched once you step in as all your childhood snacks and games are sold here. Located at B1-012.

7. Perfect Ice 

A perfect dessert from Korea, popular for their croffle and ice cream. Located at B1-076.

8. Kiddo Concept

Your new choice to buy your kids's essentials. Located at L2-029.

9. Has#tag Sweets

A cute and admirable shop that a bun and sweets lover will appreciate. Located at B1-043A.

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