Ramadhan Tips - Part II
The BEST Iftar Spots EVER To Break Your Fast!
14 Mar 2024 to 9 Apr 2024

Attention, hungry people! 📢📢📢

Planning an upcoming Iftar Date with family, friends, colleagues, or significant others? Feeling overwhelmed with dining options available? Fret not! Check out our Top 10 Iftar dining places below:

1. Big Groups (5-10 people)

  • Aroi Thai

Ah, the allure of hot and sour Thai cuisine for breaking fast! Trust us when we say their meals are not only affordable and generously portioned but also incredibly delicious!

Pro Tip: Don't miss their Thai Butter Chicken and Pad Thai! Visit them now at B1-069 & B1-E-069.

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(Credit: Aroi Thai FB)


  • Mee Hiris China Muslim

Indulge in diverse Malaysian cuisine with a Chinese twist—all halal certified! Sample their signature dishes such as Mee Hiris Soup with Braised Beef and Mee Tarik Goreng series. Located at B1-010.

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  • BBQ Town

Friends declining your BBQ invites? Perhaps it's time for some new friends! 😂 All jokes aside, who could resist the sizzle of perfectly marinated beef and chicken? Fear not the cooking smoke; BBQ Town has it all under control with their smoke hose. Enjoy a BBQ feast at L2-023A for around RM30+ per person.

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2. Small Groups (1-4 people)

  • Penang Chendul

The name alone is enough to set your taste buds tingling! Indulge in their famed Cendol along with mouthwatering dishes like Meehoon Siam, Asam Laksa, and Curry Mee. Don't miss out on their appetizers such as Pandan Chicken and Penang Fruit Rojak. Visit them at B1-040.

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  • Mr. Pan Mee

Let's talk noodles. Four words, ten letters: It is SO GOOD. Choose from their two flavors and broth categories—original for non-spicy eaters and mala for spice lovers. Whether you prefer Soup or Dry broth, you're in for a treat! Bring along your friends to taste everything. Find them at B1-041A.

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  • Ayam Penyet Best Station

Craving classic Javanese fare? Look no further! Indulge in crispy fried chicken paired with soup and their legendary sambal. If you can't handle the heat, simply request a milder version of the sambal. What are you waiting for? Head over to B1-087!

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3. Fast food

  • Chicago Chicken

Looking for a taste of classic Western cuisine? Look no further than Chicago Chicken! Sink your teeth into their mouthwatering fried chicken, guaranteed to leave you craving more. Visit them at L1-033A!

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  • Pickzza

Ever tried handcrafted pizza? Dive into a world of customization where you can choose your toppings and dough type according to your taste. Not a fan of pizza? No worries! Pickzza also serves delectable Pasta! Explore your options at B1-053.

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