Scoopie Doobie's Top Picks
Delectable treats that always melt your heart
28 Jul 2022 to 28 Aug 2022
Stylo Soopie Doobie for sure knows how to melt everyone's heart with his smile. Check out some of his top picks that will always in the mood for sprinkles and sugar cones.

1. Sweet dreams with Perfect Gelato

Sweet dreams are made out of.. Gelato Divino. Treat yourself to a creamy scoop of their freshly made gelato, at B1-080  because 1 scoop just isn’t enough.


2. Delightful world of ice creams!

A freshly made ice-cream on site using premium ingredients, without artificial flavorings, colorings or preservatives. Drop by at Inside Scoop, G-027 for a taste, and you'll like it. 
DSCF0015-Edit-edited  DSCF9984-Edit-edited      

3. Refreshing Icy treats 

Refreshing and velvety, MyKori’s signature kakigori and waffle will satisfy your sweet cravings! Enjoy a spoonful of their icy dessert at G-026 & G-K-012.

DSCF3786-edited  DSCF3749-edited     


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