Top 6 Savory & Sweet LOKAL Food in #MyTOWNKL
Redeem Your Free Goodies Starting From 65 points.
23 Aug 2022 to 30 Sep 2022

Selamat Hari Kebangsaan Tahun Ke-65! Nothing can beats celebrating Hari Kebangsaan than enjoying multicultural food in MyTOWNKL! What makes the food TASTIER is that you can enjoy having it with the MyTOWNKL App points! Here's to the list of COMPLIMENTARY meals you're able to redeem from 65 points onwards.


1. The Canai Guys

“Bos! Teh Tarik satu!” This word has embedded in our mind since childhood. Teh Tarik is always on the menu here and they also serve a must-have snack that you can find in the local night market, Roti John! Head on to The Canai Guys located at B1-027 to get your free Roti John for only 85 points. Not forgetting that you can also find VARIOUS of local foods such as Nasi Kerabu, Asam Laksa, and lots more!

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2. Nyonya Colors

Nyonya Colors will make you feel overwhelmed with emotions with the variety types of kuih and food such as Nasi Lemak, Rendang and others that may reminiscing your childhood. Redeem your kuih now and relive your childhood memories at Nyonya Colors located at B1-042 for 65 points only. 

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3. My YTF

Chee Cheong Fun tastes absolutely delish! Even kids can enjoy this chewy goodness as it can be served sweet OR spicy. They also have the ‘Cucuk-cucuk’ that Malaysians love to buy at night market, Yong Tau Foo! You can enjoy these phenomenal snacks in My YTF located at B1-053 for 85 points. 

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4. Canton Boy

Cendol is known to be a relief dessert for Malaysians. How can it not be? With toppings like red beans, corn, and syrup drizzle on top is oh-to-die-for. Canton Boy also serves local’s favorite meal, Chicken Rice, Wanton Noodle and so much more! Head on to G-012B to have this sweet icy beverage for 65 points. 

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5. Simply Penang

Balik Pulau people would love it here! Rojak, a must-have snack during teatime. What are you waiting for? Hit the brakes and go straight to Simply Penang at B1-025 now to redeem your Rojak for 65 points only. They also serve Penang Curry Mee, Char Kuey Teow and other amazing foods. Just like its name, Simply Penang will give you the best Penang foods to satisfy your cravings.

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6. Mighty Monster

Calling all Nasi Lemak lovers! The most appetizing meals that could pull anyone’s appetite with just ONE whiff. Mighty Monster will prepare the best Nasi Lemak you’d ever had, exclusively for you this Merdeka. Visit Mighty Monster located at G-019 to taste this amazing meal for 125 points. 

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