Ramadhan Tips - Part I
The BEST drinks EVER to break your fast!
14 Mar 2024 to 9 Apr 2024

Attention! 📢📢📢

We know you're thirsty because of fasting. Aren't we all? 

But, the best thing about fasting is when you break the fast, with nice, refreshing drink. We bet you already imagining it? 🤭

Nevertheless, check out our Top 5 Best Drinks you can find here:-


1. Auntea Jenny

Did you know that this is their first store in Malaysia, and they decided to land here in MyTOWNKL! How awesome is that! Their best seller drink is Royal Fruit Tea, which cost only RM9.90 for 1 litre!

Besides that, you should try out their refreshing Coconut Latte (Pro tip: ask for 30% sugar level to experience the most comforting drink down your throat, not too sweet, not too bland, just nice). What are you waiting for? Run to their location at B1-043 now!

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2. Chagee

Ahhh... Chagee. Besides serving the best premium tea beverage, and milk from New Zealand. Imagine if these 2 combine together? Fuhhh! You can only taste the freshness immediately in one gulp! 

Tips: Order Da Hong Pao Milk Tea, which the tea tenderness is good, the tea aroma is strong, and the fragrance is lasting (credit: Chagee's website). Go buy one later at 7.30 PM, at G-K-017.

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3. Happy Lemon

Don't be intimidated by the name because they don't only sell lemonade as you might have thought. Believe it or not, their best seller (beside lemon drink series), is the Rock Salt Cheese series. Visit Happy Lemon now at B1-050!

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(Credit: Happy Lemon FB)


4. Cha Tra Mue

If you're a fan of Thai drinks, then this store is the one for you! They're very famous around the globe, and to have them in MyTOWN is so great as we have plenty of Thai restaurants here, and these stores definitely complement each other. 

Their most popular drinks are Thai Tea, Milk Green Tea, Thai Black Tea, it's impossible to name it all because they're just SO GOOD. Visit now at B1-K-07.

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(Credit: Cha Tra Mue FB)


5. Bungkus Kaw Kaw

Oh, to have the cooling "Teh O Ais Ikat Tepi" for iftar, is such a dream come true. No matter how many western fusion drinks you can find around the world, local drinks would always have a special spot in our heart (and tummy). Get these amazing local drinks like Sirap Bandung, Teh O Ais Limau, Kopi O Ais, and others at B1-056.

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(Credit: Bungkus Kaw Kaw FB)

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