Unfolding Raya Wonders
Be inspired with our Sampul Royale!
20 Mar 2024 to 21 Apr 2024

Looking for the most classic yet elegant sampul raya to give out to your family members of all ages? Then we have the answer for you!

Presenting to you, our elegant Sampul Royale is already up for you to grab, exclusively for MyTOWNKL App members!

Want to know which colour suits your cousins, aunties and uncles, and little nephews? Dive down further to find out:-


1. Blue Sampul

Those who love blue could find one of these characteristics to resonate with them: freedom, confidence, and power. Sound familiar? That's correct! The Blue Sampul is perfect for your adult cousins who are either on the path to their dream career or young adults, such as college students.

Cool tip: We think a RM5 note would look good inside this packet, as green is a nice contrast to blue! Fill this sampul with plenty of green-coloured notes, and you'll surely see happy grins on their faces!

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2. Green Sampul

When we look at the colour green, what do we feel? Yes, tranquility. This feeling is similar to when we glance upon the elderly. The golden wrinkles of our aunts and uncles will make us feel very calm, yet sad, as we are now aware that they no longer hold the same youth as before.

We think the Green Sampul suits them very well, as green symbolizes glory. Let's remind them of how their past youth brought glory and happiness to us!

Cool tip: We think RM10 or RM20 notes would look absolutely beautiful slotted in here, as orange or red provide a striking contrast to green!

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3. White Sampul

Of course, when we think of the color white, purity and honesty immediately come to mind. Who embodies these characteristics? That's right, children! In addition to being pure, children are always honest because they have no filter on their thoughts or words. That's what makes them adorable (at least in some situations).

Cool tip: For children, we typically include RM1 notes, and that's perfectly fine! The blue note complements the elegance of the white sampul raya nicely.

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Grab one set of these Sampul Royale here


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