What Type of Mom Are You?
The Crafty Mom
10 May 2024 to 31 May 2024

This mom is passionate about all things crafty, with 80% of her mind dedicated to improving her creativity skills! She dreams of instilling the same love for creativity in her children, sparking their imaginations and fostering their artistic talents. Are you a Crafty Mom too? Find out which activities that suit you below:


1. Pottery at Good Times Pottery Studio

This is the place where creativity meets clay! Unleash your artistic flair as you craft pottery from scratch, molding and shaping your chosen dishware, whether it's a plate, bowl, or beyond. With endless possibilities and expert guidance, every visit promises a memorable experience filled with fun and creativity! Located at L2-045.

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2. Tuft your own mat at Good Times Tufting Studio

Dive into the world of tufting as you learn to use the tufting gun and create your very own mat. While this activity may be a bit tiring and time-consuming, the end result is nothing short of immaculate – making every ounce of effort well worth it! Located at L2-046.

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3. Find your new hobby (such as Sewing, Knitting, Painting or Beading) at Spotlight!

This is your ultimate destination for discovering new hobbies and unleashing your creativity! Whether you're into knitting, painting, beading, sewing, or any other crafty pursuit, they have got you covered. They are Top #1 of providing supplies and tools for your new hobby! Located at L2-022. 

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